5000 IGET Moon

5000 IGET Moon

IGET K5000 Moon


IGET K5000 Moon series is launched with Vape DFO. IGET partnered with us to provide Aussie customers the best products and our well-known fastest delivery services.  This new product comes with a few new features that improve in the battery life, the tastes and the convenience of use.

Mesh Coils Deliver Rich Flavours

IGET K5000 Moon Mesh Coil This new product has mesh coils. And, the technology now provides a sharper heating power which makes instant evaporations. Although it is not a dual coil system as in the HQD 8000 Puffs Miracle Series or in the Waka 10,000 Puffs SoPro series, it still manages to delivery consistent flavours.  Find out more about single coil vs dual coil here.

Large Batteries 1750mAh

IGET K5000 Moon Battery The battery size is 1750mAh which is 16% larger than the IGET Bar's 1500mAh battery. As a result, this helps in fully using it's new 13ml e-juice in the tank.

Larger Oil Tank 13ml

The Moon series' oil tank is 13ml, which is 9% larger than the 3500 puffs IGET Bar. We found similar cotton material in the oil tank as in the HQD products. And it looks similar to this picture below. In the HQD products, the selected medical-grade cotton is heat resistant. As a result, the cotton worked like a charm in high temperature and even filtered the e-liquid to a higher purity level. Presumably, the K5000 Moon series uses the same material.

About the Body Shap and Material

IGET K5000 Moon Grip The shape is designed for easier grip. So, it is very comfortable to hold in the hand. Moreover, the pain is non slip. Not to mention the dual colour design is quite unique and gives it a Taiichi sort of look. IGET K5000 Moon Unique Trendy Look

IGET K5000 Moon Specifications:

IGET K5000 Moon Specs
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