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Optus Users can’t Access our Website


Since 23 Dec 2023, many customers told us they can’t access our site. We found those customers are on Optus Networks including other telecom companies that retail Optus networks. These companies are: Amaysim, ClubTelco, Dodo, Exetel, iiNet, Internode, Live Connected, ONEmobile, People Telecom, Primus, Savvytel, TPG, Virgin Mobile, Woolworths Mobile. Amaysim, Dodo, iiNet, TPG, Woolworth…

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IGET Bar Known Issue

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Recently many customers reported that the IGET Bar 3500 Puffs keeps burning and having the light on for a prolonged time. The batteries also run out faster than expected as a result. The issue is solved in the new batch. For our customers who still has this problem, you can try to blow some air…

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Best Way to Contact us


Many customers asked this same question – How do I contact you? In short, the best way is email. Where ? Our contact email address is listed in the dispatch email we sent to you, under the section of ‘Best way to contact us’. Why no contact on Web ? Why there are no phone…

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The 1 Oct Vape Ban Explained


24/09/2021 The 1 Oct Vape Ban (TAG) is causing a great deal of concerns. Recently we have many customers asking about the same question. What will happen after 1 Oct? Well the short answer is nothing. From 1 Oct 2021, one need a doctor’s prescription to import vapes from overseas. That’s too bad. However, at…

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New packaging with no Nic listed in the ingredient


Hello vape lovers You will see more newly arrived products with no Nic listed in the ingredient. Please do not worry. They are just as good as the old ones. I’m sure you’ll love them. Affected brands: IGET & HQDand maybe more brands will do the same in the future. Enjoy,Vape DFO

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Delivery Delays During Lockdown


19 July 2021 – 4:30 PM Last week we had so many complains from customers about the delay. From tracking records we can tell most of them were delivered within the time frame. However there were one batch of the parcels on last Monday were all delayed for at least 3 days. The others were…

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JS Vapes Only Me are available!


Today we proudly announce that we are taking on a new brand – JS Vapes ‘ONLY ME’ series vapes in 1500 Puffs. $19.99~29.99 Js Vapes Only me Comparing to our other brands Many customers told us IGET vapes have a stronger flavour while HQDs’ are too light. But I think, it’s really personal preference and…

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Your vape blog is live.


Vape DFO starts here. We only sell genuine disposable vapes but at a cheaper price. Many might wonder how this is achievable. Well, the answer is simple. Before profit, we put people’s health first. Nothing is more important than our health and our rights to make a choice. We’ve been there. We’ve always wanted to…

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