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Special Features


In the all new HQD 6000 Puff HBAR series, HQD continues to use their unique anti-leak technology developed for the Box series. The enhanced e-juice container has been proven to significantly reduce leaking. It’s also strong enough to endure a certain level of shocks from dropping.  Vape DFO has seen far more leak problems on other brands than on the HQD Box. We believe that the HBAR series will be more stable. 

Even with the most robust juice containers, users need to prevent dropping or dipping the device into water to keep the chance of leaking to minimal. If you have used those refillable vapes, you might have read about why the tank leaks. The best practice is to keep it safe and dry. 


Size: 19 x 42 x 88mm
Battery Capacity:550mAh
Power Range:7W
E-liquid Capacity:12ml
Charging Port: Type-C
Nicotine: 5%

Rechargeable Type-C

The Type-C recharging port and cable help the HBAR series fully reach its maximum life span. You can use it till the last drop of juice/oil in its large 16ml tank.  There 2 main factors that determine how many puffs you can get are the E-liquid capacity and the battery size.

Other Features

Smaller Shape

Comparing to it’s earlier sibling Box Series, the HBAR series is smaller in size. This make the HBAR perfect for those who finds the previous Box series too big to carry around or hold in the hand. 

Anti-slip Grip

The special layer of the body material makes the HBAR series anti-slip. This can pretty much prevent the users from accidentally drop the device and damage it. 

Water Resistance

The 6000 Puffs HQD HBAR series has improved in its water resistance. For those who always carry the device to the bar and put it on the table where is always spilled drinks or condensed water from your glass, you don’t need to worry too much as long as you lay the device horizontal. 

Mesh Coil

The 6000 Puffs HQD HBAR series is using mesh coils again as standard. Customers found mesh coils provide a larger surface area. That helps to deliver more accurate flavours and more effective hits than those without a mesh coil. 

Lanyard & Charging Cable Included

A lanyard and a Type-C USB charging cable are included in the box. This makes it easy to carry so that you don’t lose it easily and when you want to charge it, there is always a cable handy. You can use the Type-C cable to charge your other devices too!

This time HQD started to use premium parts that are usually seen in the cellphones. And it’s mesh coils also makes sure the flavour doesn’t change after battery recharges. 

It also depends on how big a puff you draw every time. 

In our opinion, all brands tend to exaggerate the number of puffs and HQD is not over exaggerating the puffs.  Customers should pay more attention to the battery specs than the marked puff numbers. Actually HQD’s Cuvie Plus 1200 puffs lasts the same, if not longer than some other brand’s 1800-2000 puffs, according to some of our customers.  

It’s like the fuel efficiency L/100KM for a car – no one on earth can really achieve the marketed number. 

The juice/oil tank is much bigger than the Box series and the batteries are rechargeable so it will last a lot longer than the Box series. 

They prices you see are before our quantity discounts. Try to add 3+ products to the cart and you’ll know how our discounts work.  The more you add to cart, the bigger discounts you’ll get.  Our special shipping channel provides fastest shipping speed and our dedicated service team aim for a 100% satisfactory rate. We do not source our products from any other 3rd party to prevent old or factory second products. Our customers’ health and satisfaction is our priority. 

Yes, all our products are factory direct, genuine vapes. 

You can scratch and scan the QR code on the box to verify. Some fake ones do have QR codes too but they’ll lead you to a fake site. 

Nope, but very similar. 

This 6000 Puff HBAR Series is using similar types of juice oil to the Box series. But the flavours are much better. HQD is always fine-tuning it’s flavours over time. You won’t be disappointed. Contact us if you find it taste funny. 

The battery size of 550mAh is significantly smaller than the Box 4000 Puffs series 1500mAh. This is because it’s a rechargeable device. To make full use of its 16ml juice oil, a non rechargeable 1800mAh battery would be needed and it won’t fit in any handhold device so far. That’s why rechargeable design is a better solution for the 6000 puffs. 

No. Vape DFO has made quite a few tests among pretty much all rechargeable devices and amazingly found that the HQD 6000 puff HBAR series performs the best in all the HQD rechargeable series and also comparing to those of other brands. 

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Flavours of HQD Vapes

Comparing to the IGET and Gunnpod products, HQD vape bars are famous of the purity of their flavours. They are fairly popular in the white-collar and office staff. We also notice ladies and girls prefer HQD a bit more than other brands. The flavours last for the entire life cycle of the product until the very last puff of the battery life. Generally speaking the flavours remain fairly stable for almost all the time tested. And from batch to batch their tastes do not vary. This might be one of the secrets why HQD becomes so popular and well-loved.

HQD Cuvie 300 Puffs with 36 flavours has been discontinued since early 2021 

HQD Super 600 Puffs with15 flavours is discontinued in the second half of 2021

HQD Cuvie Plus 1200 Puffs now has 40+ flavours all available at Vape DFO:
Grape/Blueberry/Strawberry/Pine apple/Ice Mint/Lush Ice/Lychee/Apple/Pink Lemonade/Banana Ice/Mango/Aloe vera strawberry/Strawberry Banana/Miami Vice(Banana avocado)/Melon Ice/POG Orange Guava/Strawberry Watermelon/Apple Peach/Mango Guava/SBCC ice cream/Blue Razz/Kiwi and many more…

HQD ‘Box’ 4000 Puffs now has over 40 flavours all available at Vape DFO:
There are new flavours coming. We are pretty sure you can find one or two flavours that you like the most. Check them out

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I placed my order on Wednesday morning and received it on Thursday arvo. Quite impressive, as I live in regional NSW
Can't rave about you guys enough!
Excellent service, fast delivery, next day even being in a country town, great bulk discounts wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

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