HQD BOX 4000 Puffs

Special Features


In the all new HQD Box series, HQD uses their unique leak-resistance technology for the first time. The enhanced e-juice container will significantly reduce leaking. It’s also strong enough to endure a certain level of shocks from dropping.  

Keyring Strap

With the help of the keyring and a strap, you can conveniently attach it to your keys or to your bag so you’ll never forget or lose your favourite vape. 


Battery Capacity:1500mAh
Power Range:7W-12W
Input Voltage:3.7V
E-liquid Capacity:10ml

Rechargeable technology is not reliable for these small devices, unless they want to use the expensive and durable parts that the mobile phones use. 

But it really depends on how big a puff you sip every time. 

In our opinion, all brands tend to exaggerate the number of puffs and HQD is not one of the worst. Customers should pay more attention to the battery specs than the marked puff numbers. Actually HQD’s Cuvie Plus 1200 puffs lasts the same, if not longer than some other brand’s 1800 puffs, according to some of our customers.  

It’s like the fuel efficiency L/100KM for a car – no one on earth can really achieve that number.  

They prices you see are before our quantity discounts. Try to add 3+ products to the cart and you’ll know how our discounts work.  The more you add to cart, the bigger discounts you’ll get. 

Yes, all our products are factory direct, genuine vapes. 

You can scratch and scan the QR code on the box to verify. Some fake ones do have QR codes too but they’ll lead you to a fake site. 

Nope, but very similar. 

This Box Series is using similar types of juice oil to the Cuvie Plus. For those who love the 1200 puffs Cuvie Plus, you can try the Box. 
Please keep in mind HQD is constantly fine tuning their products. 

Prices Before Qty Discounts:

Up to 30% Retail Discount !

Buy Bulk to get 25% more OFF

Flavours of HQD Vapes

Comparing to the IGET and Gunnpod products, HQD vape bars are famous of the purity of their flavours. They are fairly popular in the white-collar and office staff. We also notice ladies and girls prefer HQD a bit more than other brands. The flavours last for the entire life cycle of the product until the very last puff of the battery life. Generally speaking the flavours remain fairly stable for almost all the time tested. And from batch to batch their tastes do not vary. This might be one of the secrets why HQD becomes so popular and well-loved.

HQD Cuvie 300 Puffs with 36 flavours has been discontinued since early 2021 

HQD Super 600 Puffs with15 flavours is discontinued in the second half of 2021

HQD Cuvie Plus 1200 Puffs now has 40+ flavours all available at Vape DFO:
Grape/Blueberry/Strawberry/Pine apple/Ice Mint/Lush Ice/Lychee/Apple/Pink Lemonade/Banana Ice/Mango/Aloe vera strawberry/Strawberry Banana/Miami Vice(Banana avocado)/Melon Ice/POG Orange Guava/Strawberry Watermelon/Apple Peach/Mango Guava/SBCC ice cream/Blue Razz/Kiwi and many more…

HQD ‘Box’ 4000 Puffs now has over 40 flavours all available at Vape DFO:
There are new flavours coming. We are pretty sure you can find one or two flavours that you like the most. Check them out

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Delivery Time - HQD 'Box' 4000 Puff

We ship the products out on a daily basis from New Zealand. The delivery time to your door is averaged at 2~3 days for express post, and 2~5 days for standard post. (Depending on which state/territory you are in and if you live in a regional area) Also please note that the DAYs here are all working days.  That’s excluding weekends and public holidays.  

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Customers Reviews

Came super fast.
I placed my order on Wednesday morning and received it on Thursday arvo. Quite impressive, as I live in regional NSW
Can't rave about you guys enough!
Excellent service, fast delivery, next day even being in a country town, great bulk discounts wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

100% Legal

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