8000 Puff Gunnpod MOSS

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8000 Puff Gunnpod MOSS

Gunnpod Moss 8000 Puffs

The moss is a rechargeable vape kit with replaceable pods. Here at Vape DFO, we sell them in 2 part. Part A is the rechargeable Battery Base. Part B is the replaceable cartridge pod. Please buy the Body and the Pod together. Any one of them won't work by them self. Gunnpod Moss Poster 1


Size: 60mm x 30mm x 93mm Charging: Type-C Puffs: 8000 puffs Airflow: Adjustable Airflow Tank Capacity: 15 E-liquid Capacity Battery Size: 650mAh Battery Rechargeable Draw Mode: Boost / Active / Turbo Boost (Mode) Display: LED Screen Display Activated by Drawing Tailored for Portability and Privacy Interchangeable POD System Nicotine: 5%


The Gunnpod Moss 8000 puffs system has some new features. Vape DFO is the first to give a comprehensive introduction to these unique features so that our buyers can get to know it more before making a purchase.

1) Power Mode

The device has different adjustable power modes. Users can switch between different modes to find the most suitable one.

2) LED Screen

The device comes with an LED display that shows battery level and child lock status.

3) Visible Clear Tank

The interchangeable cartridge pods are made of transparent plastic. As a result, it's convenient to know the remaining liquid level all the time.

4) Child Lock

Users can press the button 3 times to activate or deactivate the Child Lock function

5) Airflow Control

The airflow is adjustable to help users to find the best airflow.
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