8000 HQD Miracle

8000 HQD Miracle

HQD Miracle 8000 Puffs

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HQD Miracle 8000 series is launched with Vape DFO. HQD partnered with us to provide Aussie customers the best products and our well-known fastest delivery services.  This new product comes with a few new features that improve in the battery life, the tastes and the convenience of use.

HQD Miracle 8000's LED Screen

Firstly, the LED screen on the side shows battery level, oil level, and charging status. Having an LED screen on the vape is a new trend in 2023. And HQD certainly won't be left out. HQD Miracle LED Screen Secondly, the high quality LED panel is clear, bright and energy saving.  Vape DFO has tested this product and found the screen worked well through out the products lifespan.

Dual Mesh Coils Consistent Rich Flavours

HQD Miracle Dual MeshHQD Miracle 8000 has dual mesh coils. And, the technology now provides a sharper heating power which makes instant evaporations. Also, Its intelligent chip heats the coils in turn to deliver optimal flavours till the last puff. Also, Vape DFO find this technology is widely used by other brands like the Waka SoPro series. So, no more fading tastes.   Find out more about single coil vs dual coil here.

Rechargeable Battery Type C USB Port

With the help of its rechargeable battery, HQD Miracle lasts up to 8000 puffs. Moreover, its battery management system delivers the ultimate security and the best charging performance. 

Cotton Oil Tank

Miracle Cotton Oil Tank The patterned Cotton technology increases Miracle's puff counts by 20%, while keeping the oil tank small. That is a huge improvement. Also, the selected medical-grade cotton is highly heat resistant. Tested under prolonged exposure to a high temperature, the cotton worked like a charm and even filtered the e-liquid to a higher purity level.

Patented Structural Design

HQD Miracle Patented Structural Design The newly patented structural design boosts up Miracle's activation speed by 40%. HQD is the first to apply hydromechanical analysis to products' structural design, which makes outstanding breakthroughs in activation speed. As a result, Miracle's unique airflow sensor increases activation speed by 40%. The refined circuitous airway design makes coils cooled faster as the airflow brings out heat easier and quicker.

Upgraded leakproof Design

HQD Miracle Upgraded leakproof Design The inserted all-in-one cartridge takes its leakproof ability to the next level. Also, the new technology ensures the cotton is soaked thoroughly to produce richer tastes without any burnt smells.

Quality Metal Box High-End Texture

HQD Miracle 8000 Puffs MIRACLE's metal case has round corners and smooth textures. As a result, this beautiful and practical design boasts durability and makes it a pleasure to hold and carry around.  To sum up, it truly exceeds our expectation.


HQD Miracle 8000 Specifications
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