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Vape DFO is based in Sydney Australia, partnered with HQD and IGET Australia

HQD and IGET are our priority brands because of their quality products. They have the best review and recommendation rates in Australian vape bar market.

Because we are a direct factory outlet, we managed to avoid excessive intermediate costs comparing to traditional supply chain. And all our products are directly from manufacturers’ factories. The quality and genuineness are surely guaranteed.

As a new and innovative business, we have built strategic relationships with HQD, IGET and other famous brands. As a result, we bring their disposable and nicotine free devices directly to our Australian consumers.

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Disposable Vapes

Want to know a bit more about us?
Simply send us an email. We actually do read emails🙂

Our goal is to constantly provide Australian customers with our timely delivery services with best prices. This also helps to eliminate your risk of getting counterfeit products if purchased elsewhere.

We are always open to meet our customers’ need. Let us know any other brand you want. However, we insist to only source them directly from the factories. 

At Vape DFO we understand our customers’ effort in quitting cigarettes. We are also aware that vaping is a relative new trend amount smokers. Many tests and studies have already been carried out by the universities. Most of the tests showed much less harmful visual results in vaping as oppose to smoking. The ultimate result is yet to be announced because there are still many debates going on.

We are doing our very best to ensure that nicotine products are not sold to underage people. We will need our customers to identify their age so that we can ship their first order. This prevents minors from ordering from our website. 

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