8000 Puff Al Fakher Crown Bar

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8000 Puff Al Fakher Crown Bar
The Al Fakher Crown Bar 8000 puffs is a new product from Al Fakher brand. This brand has been around for quite some time. Although their are famous for their Shisha products, their vape products are popular among most non-Shisha vapers. We are introducing this series to our customers. Their cloud from these products are thicker than other brands, which is very satisfying.


Display: LED screen Puffs:  8000 Puffs Resistance: 0.6Ω Nicotine: 5% E-Liquid Capacity: 18ml Battery Capacity: 600mAh Rechargeable Coil:  Mesh Coil Charging Port:  Type-C Al Fakher Crown Bar - Lucid Dream


The Crown Bar 8000 puffs is loved by many customers. Vape DFO is the first to provide these insights to help customers get to know a bit more before making a purchase.

Unlimited Battery Capacity

The Crown Bar 8000 puffs has a battery of 600mAh. It seems a lot smaller than the Alibarbar Ingot 9000 puffs' 2350mah battery. However, the 600mAh battery is rechargeable to provide unlimited power to fully utilise the huge e-liquid tank.

Larger e-Liquid Container

The container is a 18 ml tank which is almost 2 times of the size of the IGET 3500 puffs bar, but still a little bit smaller than the Alibarbar Ingot 9000 puffs' 22 ml tank. However, this doesn't mean it will last less time than the Ingot 9000 puffs, as the Crown Bar's rechargeable battery can last to the last drop.

Thicker Cloud and Richer Flavour

Thanks to the Al Fakher's previous specialty in their Shisha products, the Crown Bar is now able to provide a thicker cloud than other products on the market. The side-effect is a richer taste in a good way. Al Fakher Crown Bar - Grape Mint

LED Display Screen

Al Fakher Crown Bar's LED screen makes it easy to monitor the battery level. No more shaking or banging it on the table.
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