Alibarbar INGOT 9000 Puffs – Banana Buzz

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Alibarbar INGOT 9000 Puffs – Banana Buzz

This Item is for 1 piece of the vape bar.

The 9000 puffs is a new product from Alibarbar Brand. Their 8000 puffs and their Nicotine Pouches have had pretty good reviews. Therefore, we are introducing this series to our customers. The flavours are richer than other brand.


Eliquid capacity:22ml
Battery capacity:2350mah
Battery type:TESLA 18650
Puffs:up to 9000
Net weight:90g
Coil resistance:1.3Ohm
Non rechargeable
Display: LED Screen


The INGOT 9000 puffs is loved by many customers. Vape DFO is the first to provide these insights to help customers get to know this product a bit more before making a purchase.

Huge Battery Capacity

Alibarbar Ingot 9000 puffs has a  battery of 2350mah. That is 50% more than the IGET Bar. The battery size is critical for a vape.

Alibarbar Ingot 9000

Larger e-Liquid Container

The container is a 22ml tank which is almost 2 times of the one in a IGET 3500 puffs bar.

Thicker Cloud and Richer Flavour

The Alibarbar Ingot 9000 puffs is quite unique, because it’s cloud is considerately thicker than other products. As a result, the flavour of it is rich.

LED Display Screen

The LED screen makes it easy to monitor the battery level. No more shaking or banging it on the table. Alibarbar INGOT 9000 Puffs – Banana Buzz

Alibarbar Ingot 9000

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Simona Ragatzu
Banana buzz

I ordered two 10 days ago and I haven't received yet ,the previous time I received them much more faster

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