3500 Puff IGET Bar – Grape Ice

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What is IGET Bar

IGET is a brand that produces disposable vape devices, including the 3500 puffs Bar series.

The IGET Bar 3500 puffs series is a type of disposable vape device that is designed to provide users with a high number of puffs before needing to be disposed of. The exact number of puffs may vary depending on the user’s vaping habits and the specific product.

IGET Bar Specs

Size: 41.2 x 19.5 x 94.5mm
Liquid Capacity: 12.0ml
Material: PC+ALU
Coil resistance: 1.2ohm
Nicotine by volume: 5%
Net Weight: 78g
Battery 1500mAh
Each pack contains 1 vape bar kit.

Please note all brands and manufacturers tend to exaggerate on the puffs. So, the marketed puff numbers aren’t tested, especially for the new series.

IGET Bar Special Features

The IGET Bar 3500 Puffs series vapes come with several unique features that set them apart from other vaping devices on the market.

1) Large 1500mAh battery

Firstly, these vapes come with a large 1500mAh battery, which provides long-lasting power to keep you vaping for extended periods of time without having to recharge frequently.

IGET 3500 has a largest 1500 mAh battery in the range. Why is a ;arge battery important? Usually Because when choosing a vape, the first thing to consider is how long will it last. But not everyone has the patient to compare the battery specs between different products. So most people rely on the alleged number of puffs as a reference. However, a large battery is the key  to use up all the juice. If you compare the battery sizes, you’ll find that larger puffs marked don’t always mean larger batteries. For example, the 4000 puffs IGET Legend has a smaller battery of 1350 mAh comparing to the IGET 3500 Bar’s 1500 mAh battery.

2) Large 12ml Juice Tank

Secondly, they boast a large liquid tank with a capacity of 12ml, which means you can enjoy more puffs before needing to refill the tank. IGET 3500 BAR’s 12 ml e-juice/oil tank is the largest in the range. It’s the same size as the 4000 puffs Legend and 5000 puffs Goat liquid tanks.

3) Aluminum Case Material

Additionally, the IGET Bar 3500 Puffs series vapes have an aluminum case material, making them both durable and lightweight.

The Aluminium housing material makes the product durable and robust.

Inevitably, we all dropped the vape. So the fear of breaking it never really stops. Well, now with the help of an almost armoured build, the IGET 3500 BAR can endure a higher level of shocks without breaking down.

The Aluminium material also helps to cool down the device by bring more internal heat to the surface. And that makes the vape last longer.

4) Anti-leaking Mechanism

Moreover, they are designed to prevent leakage and are equipped with an anti-leaking mechanism, ensuring that you can enjoy your vaping experience without worrying about any leaks or spills.

The Anti Leaking tank makes it possible to have minimal leaks on the IGET 3500 puffs Bar vapes. As a result, we do see some improvement from customer reviews.

However, users still need to prevent dropping or dipping the device into water. If you have used those refillable vapes, you might have read about why the tank leaks. The best practice is to keep it safe and dry.

5) Anti-slip Grip Design

Furthermore, the anti-slip grip ensures that the device remains secure in your hand, reducing the likelihood of accidental drops. The special layer of the body material makes the BAR series anti-slip. As a result, this can largely prevent the users from accidentally dropping the device and breaking it.

6) Water-resistant Material

Lastly, these vapes are also water-resistant, meaning that you can use them in damp or wet conditions without worrying about water damage. The IGET 3500 puffs Bar series has improved in its water resistance. For those who always carry the device to their local pubs and like to put it on the table where there is always spilled drinks or condensed water from your beer schooner, you don’t need to worry any more as long as you lay the device horizontally.

Overall, the IGET Bar 3500 Puffs series vapes offer a range of unique features that make them an excellent choice for vapers who want a reliable, long-lasting, and durable device with a large liquid capacity and a range of other useful features.

IGET Bar 3500 Flavours

IGET Bar 3500 puffs have 31  flavours. See all flavours here, or a list of flavours here for bulk/wholesale.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Freeman
Good service

Good service. Always quick delivery. Shame a lot of items out of stock but something beyond their control.

Kristy Crain

The vape couldn’t be used as the liquid or what ever was actually in it was hard

Lisa Blackmore

Awesome flavour

Nicholas Longmore

To harsh

Natasha Marks

3500 Puff IGET Bar - Grape Ice

Jayne Kerr

3500 Puff IGET Bar - Grape Ice


Always a favourite go to

Taylor Cliff

3500 Puff IGET Bar - Grape Ice

Luke Peake

3500 Puff IGET Bar - Grape Ice

maddison flood

Shipping is usually good but this order took 8 days to come

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