WAKA SoPro 10000 Puffs

WAKA SoPro 10000 Puffs

WAKA SoPro 10000 Puffs Disposable Vapes

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The WAKA SoPro 10000 puffs vapes have all the latest technologies. More importantly, it offers a cost saving way for vaping while getting the best flavours. So, get ready for these innovative new rechargeable vapes!

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DUALMESH Doubles the Thrill:

Waka SoPro DualMesh Switch The Waka SoPro 10000 puffs vapes have a DUALMESH switch at the bottom.  As a result, it can turned on to a Boost Mode to provide double sized cloud. So, that's 2 times satisfaction for each puff. However, the downside is it also doubles the usage of the battery and the e-liquid.  Consequently, the vape will last much shorter.

5,000 Puffs or 10000 Puffs?

When the DualMesh Mode is turned on, it's in the double strength mode. So, the device will last half as long - up to 5000 puffs. When the DualMesh Switch is turned off, it's in the normal mode. As a result it will last longer. So it's up to 10000 puffs. Again, all puffs numbers are achieved in the lab by a simulator machine. And, Vape DFO reminds our customers that the numbers aren't realistic in the real world, just like the alleged Litre per 100 kilometres number for a car. Conveniently, the manufacturer indicates the puff numbers are 'up to' numbers, same as IGET and HQD.

WAKA SoPro 10000 Puffs Rechargeable Battery

The small palm sized vape is an upgrade version of it's previous series. Because the Waka Smash doesn't suit the Australian market, it proves again the Aussie customers can't be bothered with the replaceable cartridge pods. As the result this time Relx company decided to stick to the disposable vape for its upgraded SoPro series.  In summary, the batteries are rechargeable, but the e-liquid is not replaceable. The WAKA SoPro 10000 Puffs rechargeable vape equips with a 850mAh battery (which is larger than the IGET Bar Plus 6000 puffs' 600mAh battery) and a Type-C USB port. So, you can recharge the device easily with any Type-C USB cable that you may already have. Whereas if you don't have one, you can buy a HQD 4000 BOXX series vape which comes with a Type-C USB Cable and a Lanyard. The built-in e-Liquid pod contains 18 ml of juice (which is larger than the IGET Bar Plus 6000 puffs' 18 ml of juice)  for up to 10,000 puffs usage. As a result, Vape DFO believes most customers can achieve 7,000 to 10,000 puffs.

Waka SoPro 10000 Puffs Battery

E-liquid and Battery Indicators

Furthermore, the SoPro equips with a couple of indicator lights to show the remaining battery and e-liquid status. So, finally we don't have to shake the vape to guess how much is left. Waka SoPro 10000 Puffs e-liquid and battery indicator


1 × WAKA SoPro 10000 Puffs rechargeable vape
Model:  Waka SoPro PA10000
E-liquid: 18ml
Charging Port: Type C USB port
Battery Size: 600mah Battery
Puffs: Up to 10,000 Puffs
Nicotine: 5%
Material: PC + Aluminium
Atomiser: DUALMESH ™
Power: 2 × 10.6W

27 Flavours

Berry Lemonade
Berry Shisha
Blackberry Ice
Blackcurrant Berries
Blueberry Ice
Cacao Banana Crust
Cherry Pomegranate
Double Apple
Fizzy Cherry
Fresh Mint
Grape Ice
Ice Cola
Kiwi Passion Guava
Lemon Lime Bitters
Mango Peach
Minty Apple Tea
Orange Kiwi
Pineapple Melon
Raspberry Tea
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Soda
Strawberry Watermelon
Triple Berry
Triple Mango
Triple Melon
Watermelon Chill
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